Founded by Bruce Dickman in 1991in his garage, as a way to get e"xtra" income for a growing family.


Bruce Dickman started making ‘eXtra’ income from his garage in 1991, to support his growing family.  X-tra was awarded its first major contract in 1994 with a new manufacturer in our area. Within a few short years it grew into a full size endeavor with its own facility, employees, and state of the art equipment.  Now 22 years later we have grown our customer base and expanded our line of goods and services, while maintaining contracts with companies that gave us our original start.  In 2012, we expanded to an even larger facility to accommodate our ever-growing customer base.  As we transition to the next generation of leadership we plan to keep growing while maintaining the core belief that "your success is our success." 

We are located in Cedar City, Utah and service all pallet and crating needs in Southern Utah into Las Vegas.  We make all kinds of pallets for all areas of manufacturing. We do not require semi-truck load orders; we provide inventory control-delivering what you want when you need it.  We take great pride in our ability to provide quality products and personal service to our customers by meeting and exceeding their expectations. 

We don’t make products and find customers to sell them to, we find customers and make products to meet their needs.  We believe in helping our customers achieve their goals in the best manner possible.  We find a way to complete what they need from us; we pride ourselves in being their go to business.