Custom Components

We define custom components as grooved stock and general shipping boards; as well as dimensional lumber or panel goods that are cut, ripped, milled, and/or assembled per your specifications.  We have been offering high quality Custom Components for over 20 years.  We offer three types of Custom Components: Grooved Stock, Shipping Components, and Panel Goods.  Please contact us to today to get the type of Custom Components that is suited for your business at 435-634-0708.

Grooved Stock

We predominantly sell 2x3 and 2x4 grooved stock, but can do grooved stock of any length, size, and width.


Shipping Components

We can provide a wide variety of wood shipping components (spacers, dunnage, stickers, partial pallets, blocking, etc.) to fit all shipping needs. We work with customers to find out specifically what their needs are and work hard to provide the right product for the right price.

Panel Goods

If dimensional lumber doesn't get the job done we have a custom cut shop for cutting OSB and plywood for a variety of applications. Most of our these are used in shipping components and for structural purposes.